Hi! It's me, Léa.

The bedroom floor, a few pencils, and some paper... That's where my quirky artistic journey began.

4 years later, I’ve created my own enchanted world, brimming with superpowers, demon horns, and pointy ears and each month, over a million folks on the gram step into my universe to admire my simple yet story-filled portraits.

Hello, I'm Léa, a 26-year-old French portrait artist. And here's how I got here:

  • I've always craved adventure, art, and a touch of magic. So, back in 2020 during the Covid lockdown, I picked up my pencils and started drawing.

  • Then, I started sharing my art on Instagram. Back then, I was studying law and running another business alongside because my family couldn't afford my studies. So, I had to work over 100 hours a week to handle these three projects, but it paid off.

  • At the end of 2022, I graduated from law school and found myself at a crossroads: whether to pursue a career as a lawyer, continue with my successful first business, or start anew to live off my art.

  • I've always been drawn to the harder path. So, in 2023, I became a full-time artist. I drew daily, so released a book for artists, launched a course, and worked 12 hours a day, even on weekends.

    Result: My drawing skills improved significantly, my Instagram reached 300,000 followers, and my products generated over 100,000 euros in just six months.

  • Early 2024, I reached my limits. Feeling trapped and exhausted, I yearned for a change in my art. So, I made the decision to prioritize artistic experimentation and allow myself to seek for greatness. To transform into a new artist. As a result, I declared 2024 as the year of artistic exploration and bold projects.

As you can see, ever since I picked up my pencils, every week has been a thrilling adventure. And I was tired of experiencing these adventures alone.

So, I created the Art Missive to be able to take you with me on each of my artistic adventures. We are now over 10,000 souls on board, and with you, the journey is even more exciting!

Every Monday, I send a missive to your inbox so you can:

  • Experience artistic adventures with me (museums, meetings with other artists, experiments...)

  • Discover my creative process, my doubts, and my strategies

  • Get early access to my creations

  • Gain access to my events (free courses, challenges, story times...)

  • Engage in this supportive tribe.

Welcome to the Art Missive—a thrilling adventure awaits, and all you have to do is subscribe to come aboard 👇.

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I draw kick-ass women with horns to make a living.